Easy cleaning of tubes and hoses

Simple and cost-effective solution for removing contaminations in tubes and hoses

With STAUFF Clean, the company offers a simple and cost-effective option for removing unwanted contamination in tubes and hoses for maintenance purposes. In addition, the system can be an alternative to time-consuming flushing processes already during the production and processing of tubes and hoses. In contrast to this classic cleaning method, STAUFF Clean offers clear time and cost benefits.

STAUFF Clean essentially consists of a lightweight, ergonomically shaped compressed air gun, supplied with sufficient compressed air via a quick release coupling, and a range of specially shaped plastic nozzles which are connected to the hand-held tool with retaining rings. The system requires compressed air at approximately 6 to 8 bar.

The compressed air gun is used to accelerate foam projectiles into the tube or hose to be cleaned. The plastic nozzles compress the inserted projectile. They also ensure that the connection is as airtight as possible while creating a smooth transition into the tube or hose. This method is not only safe and environmentally friendly – the function principle is ever so easy, handling is intuitive and proper operation can be learned quickly.

The foam projectiles carry out the actual cleaning: They are 15 per cent larger than the inner diameter of the tube or hose to be cleaned. This creates friction which effectively releases contaminations. In addition to a universal version which covers inner diameters between 6 and 60 mm, numerous other projectile versions with different textures and grain sizes are available, e.g. for removing traces of rust and other coarse contaminations. The system can be used up to a tube/hose length of 100 m and regardless of any installed couplings, fittings and valves.


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